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November 5th, 2016 Recorded Teaching

Gutenberg College

The teaching at Reformation Fellowship is usually recorded, and many MP3s can be downloaded for free from the Audio section of the Gutenberg College website. Contributions to Gutenberg College help support the publication of these recordings.

YouTube Video Recordings

Links to video recordings of RF teaching streamed on YouTube are below. Audio-only recordings of some talks are on the Gutenberg College website.


The Core Wisdom of the Bible

Teaching by Jack Crabtree.

Handout 1: Jack’s Notes for the Series (Pages will be added to these notes periodically.)
Handout 2: Model Creation Stories

YouTube Videos:

(1) The Core Wisdom of the Bible, Talk 1. (October 4, 2020)
(2) The Core Wisdom of the Bible, Talk 2. (October 11, 2020)


Book of Malachi

Teaching by Gil Greco.
(1) September 20, 2020 Malachi 1:1 to 2:16.
(2) September 27, 2020 Malachi 2:17 to 4:6.
Handout 1: Malachi Formatted Text.

Book of Ezra-Nehemiah

Teaching by Gil Greco.

Book of Daniel

Teaching by David Crabtree.

Easter Celebration

April 12, 2020, Reformation Fellowship Pre-recorded Easter Celebration with teaching by Ron Julian.

Gospel of Mark

April 5, 2020  Ryan Carroll teaches on Mark 4:1-12.
March 29, 2020  Ryan Carroll teaches on Mark 3:7-35.


Other Recordings

Recordings not found on the Gutenberg College website may be found below.


False Christian Gods by Doug Hooley

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